Tuesday, July 9, 2013

1982 - X-Men Companion Ad in Amazing Heroes #13


  1. Did anyone around here actually own this? I'd love to hear people's thoughts on it.

  2. I got both. They were great, in-depth interviews.

    If I recall, the first volume was Roy Thomas, Claremont, Cockrum...and I'm guessing Len Wein?
    The second was Claremont, Terry Austin, Byrne, and Claremont w/Louis Jones.

    I don't remember much about the first volume except Roy didn't seem to remember anything about what he wrote.

    The second volume's definitely the better one. Both Claremont and Byrne express interesting insights (and some differences) about the characters. Byrne gives Claremont some praise but is not shy about problems he had with him as well (but the tone is overall friendly).

    The Claremont/Jones interview is fun as they discuss exciting upcoming projects like a Wolverine miniseries, a Teen Titans crossover, and a New Mutants title using some characters like Karma and Siryn...(stuff was still in the planning stages, apparently).

    Both books are full of great black and white art from throughout the series.

    I'd recommend these for any fan that stumbles on 'em.


    p.s. It's not shown here, but the second volume has a fantastic Fred Hembeck drawing of all the major X-Men members, villains and supporting characters up to that point. Maybe it can be found online and put up here somewhere?

  3. Found a link to a black and white version of Hembeck (looks great in colour, though).



  4. Got both of them two years ago at mycomicshop.com. Great books, and well worth it for X-fans.



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