Thursday, June 20, 2013

X-Men vs. Marauders by John Romita Jr.

This Romita Jr. spread was part of the mini-comic that was inserted in the X-Men: The Last Stand Collector's Edition DVD. This comic reprinted X-Men #1,4, 9 along with an original story by Stan Lee "The Unlikely Saga of Xavier, Magneto, And Stan"


  1. That's nice. Looks like it was drawn around the time he came back to Uncanny X-Men in the early #300 issues. It has a similar look to his work on Punisher War Zone and Armor Wars II in Iron Man, and that was around the same time period.


  2. Hi
    I asked the man himself : it WAS part of a dvd, and the inks are done by Scott Hanna

  3. It’s an odd piece, in that the characters’ appearances are of the 1980s when Romita Jr. was drawing that comic, but the style is more like his late-1990s work. I would say this must have been drawn in the last 15 years, but is referencing a story event from much earlier.

  4. This was the comic:
    Stan Lee wrote it, and the story was very odd. I remember this page was basically captions "Here's Wolverine" "This is Colossus", and the next page would be by a different artist, with captions introducing all the characters again.

  5. Thanks CitizenX! Appreciate the help.



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