Sunday, June 9, 2013

Classic Avengers by Fred Hembeck


  1. My only beef is that it looks like he got Black Widow mixed up with Medusa.

  2. Thanks so much for this.

    I have the Hembeck Omnibus---but it's so much better in color.

    I think Hembeck's cover for the Fantastic Four Roast #1 is a big part of why I lov Marvel comics.
    I studied that cover, trying to figure out who each character was.

    And a nice reminder of the best times for the Avengers franchise.


  3. I do not want to be negative, but since this blog of yours always allows us to share what we think, here I go...

    I never liked Hembeck.

    But I really want to hear from people who like him, what makes his work special to you?

  4. Okay, since I'm just seeing this post now, I'll provide a long-delayed answer to Cesar's question: Because we know what we like. :)

    Seriously, tho: I liked Hembeck as a kid because I've always liked "cartoony" style artists with real talent, like Sergio Aragones, Stan Sakai, and before that, all of the good artists in the "Comics" section of the newspaper. Seeing Hembeck draw the DC/Marvel characters in that style added a sense of fun to them, and added a lighter, somewhat more humanizing element to them, I guess. All the exaggerated (but entertaining) pathos was set aside in favor of casual conversations and set-ups for corny jokes, and his art fit the mood perfectly. When I see him render a character now, I still feel like I'm seeing the fun, candid side of that character, and each time, it seems like a valid interpretation of that particular character's personality; he doesn't draw them all the same way or with the same expressions or body language.

    So, in short: I like Hembeck because I find his art fun and personable.



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