Sunday, June 23, 2013

1980 - Whatever happened to the Marvel Spotlight Iceman issue?

Featured in the Marvel News Watch of Comics Journal #54 (Mar. 1980):
Cover by Bob Layton.

I spoke with Mr. Layton. He wasn't sure if it saw print either. He suspected it was actually for an Iceman Limited Series written by Jo Duffy.

Update: This one-shot story was indeed planned for Marvel Spotlight, but since that title was cancelled, the story was moved over to Bizarre Adventures #27, an all X-Men issue.

Iceman: Winter Carnival
Written by Jo Duffy and Art by George Perez and Alfredo Alcala

Thanks for James and Marc for helping me solve this mystery!


  1. Jason,

    I believe that story saw print in July 1981 in Bizarre Adventures #27. The story is called Winter Carnival and features Iceman returning to Dartmouth College for Winter Carnival where he thwarts a robbery and has a lot of fun. The other heroes featured on the cover are ice sculptures. That issue of Bizarre Adventures also features great stories with Nightcrawler and Phoenix. It was a great look into the private lives of the X-Men in a period when there was only one X-Men title and fans were anxious for more.

    All the best,


  2. That's awesome James. Thanks for much for that, I'll have to check it out.

  3. According to Amazon, the Bizarre Adventures story was included in last year's X-Men: Iceman hardcover collection (along with the more well-known four-issue Iceman miniseries). Now I'm really interested to check it out after reading this post and James Henry's comment!

  4. That issue of Bizarre Adventures is one of my favorite comics of all time...and one of the few black and white issues in my collection. Always love to see it getting some recognition!



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