Saturday, May 4, 2013

Iron Man 3 - A Review (Spoiler Free)

It's hard to live up to the hype. And there was a lot of hype and excitement leading up to this movie. While the Avengers, in my humble opinion, did live up to its hype and surpassed it, Iron Man 3 was a bit of a disappointment. It was a good film, don't get me wrong, easily ranking #2 in terms of the Iron Man trilogy.

But, I just felt it lacked something. There were amazing visual effects and acting, but the overall story didn't really seem to come together. The idea of Extremis is a wonderful one and in the comic book story by Warren Ellis, Stark is forced to inject himself with the Extremis virus so that he can keep up. But, in this film, Stark doesn't really deal with this technology at all and sends all his old school tech at it, rather than trying to understand it. And that's exactly where I felt the story missed the mark. Stark was not an innovator in this movie. He's forced to react, but he never gets out of that reaction mode to really deal with the situation.I think I would have like to have had Stark see beyond this threat and see the next level of technology, to adapt and change and surpass. That's what Stark is, he's an innovator continually improving and changing.

And there was a plot twist, a cleaver one, but a deceitful one that I think will disappoint hardcore Iron Man fans. It won't matter to the casual fans or the non-comic book fans, but I found it disappointing.

The acting was great all around and the visual effects were stunning. There were several moments where I sat up in my seat to take it all in. Unfortunately, the trailers robbed a bit momentum from the film.

6.5 Shellheads out of 10


  1. Overall, it’s another great movie for the beginning of what looks to be a great summer. Nice review Jason.

  2. What clever but deceitful plot twist are you talking about, just curious?

    I saw the movie too and am of the same opinion, it was a good movie but wasn't quite as good as I had hoped.

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  4. Hey JG


    The plot twist I was referring to was the Mandarin and who he really was. Clever for the non-comic book fan, but disappointing for those of us who were looking forward to good old fashion Mandarin-Iron Man clash.

  5. He Jason,


    Duh, my bad. Of course that's what you were talking about. And that was one of many overdone "plot twists" that made the whole thing needlessly long and a little arduous. I don't know why but I thought your were talking about Pepper being infected and "dying."



    Well that plot twist and her storyline seemed to come out of nowhere. She was obviously used as the damsel in distress with a twist at the end. However, I thought they total misused Maya Hansen's character. I thought for sure that after Killian shot her that Tony was going to revive her using Extremis and she would have played the role that Pepper ended up playing. Also didn't buy Maya's sudden change, it was more plot necessary than character. She's part of this project which has already killed at least half a dozen people and then she suddenly flinches at killing Tony Stark?

    1. Hey Jason,


      Good points re Maya's character, she's evil and the all of sudden she's not and then is killed, felt like a waste of our time and their effort in any character development did re her. And apparently I'm one of the few that think this but I like Iron Man 2 more. And we got way too much of Tony out of the armor and were robbed of more comedic relief because Happy was in a coma for the whole movie.

    2. Nice to know I'm not the only one!



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