Thursday, May 9, 2013

1988 - Anatomy of a cover - New Mutants #69

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  1. Yeah, by this issue, I was definitely OVER the X-babies....

    Back then, I usually bought the comics that had the best covers (this tactic worked ALOT better when comics were 60-cents...not so much now, at $3-4 a pop). The New Mutant covers were excellent at first (Bob McCloud, I believe), then the Scienkiwicz (sp?)covers were pretty intriguing, and #38 and #39 covers are CLASSIC, imo.

    By #50, a good New Mutants cover was few and far between, then Liefeld takes over at the end, so there's that...

    The original black/yellow costumes were so cool, I wish they would have stuck with those.




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