Wednesday, May 8, 2013

A Look At The West Coast Avengers Omnibus

Another welcome edition to Marvel's Omnibus line. A bit of double dipping as this volume's contents were reprinted in the Marvel Premiere Edition line. But, it's a lovely volume with a lot of great extras.

Definitely worth the price tag. You should be able to get it for about $70 CDN and that's for 760 pages with a solid sown binding. Marvel does these omnibuses amazingly well.
Earth's Mightiest Heroes head west! Hawkeye splits from the Avengers and sets up shop in California. But his newly recruited Avengers "franchise" team - including Tigra, Wonder Man, Mockingbird and an all-new Iron Man - soon find themselves in over their heads! Meanwhile, Ultron and the Grim Reaper target Wonder Man's "brother," the Vision...and his wife the Scarlet Witch! Can the West Coasters keep this complex bloodline from getting bloodier?

COLLECTING: West Coast Avengers (1984) 1-4; Iron Man Annual 7; Avengers (1963) 250; West Coast Avengers (1985) 1-16; Vision and the Scarlet Witch (1985) 1-2; Avengers Annual (1967) 15; West Coast Avengers Annual 1; material from Avengers (1963) 239, 243-244, 246; material from Avengers West Coast 100.


  1. Price? And is it worth it? Love to hear you opinion on that, since I'm aware these omnibus editions can be quite pricey.

  2. Hey David, definitely worth the price tag. It's about $70 CDN for 760 pages with a solid sown binding. Marvel does these omnibuses amazingly well.

  3. ROM's headshot didn't make it back onto any reproduction of the cover of the limited series #1 in here, did it?

  4. Hey Gary, unfortunately it didn't.

  5. I had this on preorder but cancelled it when I found almost all the contents in bargain bins for under $1. Also, while I liked the miniseries, I found the unlimited series writing to be pretty poor with a lot of loose ends and "what the--?" moments. It does look like a handsome reprint for anyone who likes WCA.

  6. That cover for Avengers #250, wow, one of my all-time favorites.
    Double-head-shot boxes!!!

    I wish I had the $$ to pick this up, I loved the early WCA stuff.


  7. About the extras, I see it has: OHOTMU entries, related magazines covers, the East/West Coast poster with the non-member Shroud,... Does it contain reproductions of some original art (covers, interior pages,...)?



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