Monday, April 29, 2013

Iron Man 3 Week - Favourite story lines from the 1980s

Armor Wars 
(Iron Man #225-231)

 Iron Man Versus The Incredible Hulk 
(Iron Man #133-133)

 Doom Quest
(Iron Man #249-250)

 "And Who Shall Clothe Himself In Iron!"
(Iron Man #167-170) 

 Iron Monger
(Iron Man #193-200)

Armor Wars Prologue
(Iron Man #215-225)


  1. I've only recently discovered this Blog, but I absolutely LOVE it! :) - With regards to Iron Man, I think one of my favorite stories appeared in the two issues of Marvel Fanfare (illustrated by Ken Steacy), in which Iron Man goes up against Electro, Doctor Octopus, Grey gargoyle, and Sandman - As a kid I discovered the story when it ran as a weekly back-up strip in the UK Transformers comic...

  2. Welcome James and thanks for the comments. I have those issues of Marvel Fanfare and will have to check them out!

  3. Is that cover for Armour Wars from a trade?

  4. Hey Justin, it was coloured Bob Layton Commission if I recall correctly.

  5. I picked up ish 150 out of the blue because I loved Doom, and was pleasantly surprised.

    As for the later silver suit, I believe only Layton and Byrne (in a Hulk issue cameo) could draw it really well...

    Likewise, it looked terrible under Milgrom's hand in WCA..

  6. Again, great covers---

    I've never seen that "retro" Armor Wars image---WOW!

    And i agree with James' comment- that Ken Steacy Marv Fanfare 2-parter was truly CLASSIC!


  7. I just re-read that Marvel Fanfare story after about 30 years. It still holds up well!



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