Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Iron Man 3 Week - Iron Man Villains of the 1980s

Doctor Doom!
Doom to me was always the perfect villain for Iron Man. Tyrant vs Capitalist. But, on some levels more similar than Stark would like to admit.

Constructed to take down Iron Man Mark VI, I'm surprised that the Firepower armor hasn't come back in some form....

Always liked the Ghost and the idea of corporate/industrial sabotage/spying. The Ghost knew he couldn't take on Stark directly and used stealth and his intangibility to cause damage that rippled through the Stark Empire.

Tony Stark
Stark's greatest villain in the 1980s was himself. An amazingly bold story to tell and apparently too much for modern audiences to handle (see details about Iron Man 3 which hinted at the director wanting to tell the Demon In A Bottle story; although it was kind of done already in Iron Man 2). In the 1980s Tony hits bottom and loses everything and ends up destitute and on the streets. He had no one to blame but himself.

Obidiah Stane as Iron Monger
Stane knew he needed an answer to Stark's Body Guard and it was quite a reply. Although I thought the build up in this storyline to issue #200 was a bit anti-climatic when he was taken out. It would have been interesting to see Stane or at least Iron Monger continue to plague Stark for a few years.

Living Laser

Obidiah Stane
Obidiah was Stark's biggest rival and who's dogged persistence allowed him to capitalize on Tony's weaknesses and take Stark Industries right from under him.

A nice upgrade from the original version, but what's up with the green pony tail? An interesting idea, but one that really shouldn't have been used in the Iron Man 2 movie. Never really go the impression that he could really stand up to Iron Man.

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  1. Yeah, what was the deal with Blacklash's ponytail? I could never get the idea of a guy who's main weapon is a whip wearing a big flowing cape...just seems like too much to get tangled in (along with that crazy ponytail). And as for Force, well, such an 80s design, and orange and green, that color scheme always demands respect. Remember Stratosfire? I thought she was okay at the time.



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