Saturday, April 20, 2013

1982 - Bruce Timm has a little fun with Claremont


  1. Good stuff, although surely there should be some mind control in there too? ;)

  2. Definitely missing some mind control!

  3. I thought the same thing - where's the mind control? And characters playing baseball together :)


  4. Well, in Timm's defence, if he had to cover every quirk of Chris', he would have needed one of those late 90s Marvel gatefold covers... I'm also missing the black leather outfits, bringing along characters from books he quit doing, having people introduce themselves by yelling out their codenames and a whole busload of cutesy nicknames and catchphrases...

    Ow, and Timm did have a character recalling getting soul raped, so there's definitely hints of mind control going on there ;-) Trust me, after 175+ posts, I can spot a Claremont mind control victim a mile away.



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