Friday, April 19, 2013

1981 - 7-Eleven promo mini comic


7-Eleven Spider-Man and Spider-Woman (1981) is a mini promotional comic distributed by 7-Eleven. 
24-page, 3" x 4-1/2" full-color mini-comic. 
Comic story plus kid's puzzle pages, etc. 
This comic is not bound and stapled in the conventional mode, but rather comes as a 24-page fold out.


  1. Wow, never saw that before. I've got the Spidey comic
    for some laundry detergent (was it All? Cheer?) and the Dallas Cowboys, and the X-Men Texas State Fair comic. Weird stuff!

  2. The 1980s were a bit odd in my ways! :)

  3. Ape-Man looks alot like Man-Ape.

    I like Ape-man better (but then I'm a big Kinks fan, too).

    Once again, something I've NEVER seen, wow, thanks jason.


  4. I actually won one of the full sized comics from 7-11 at the time of this promotion(and surprisingly still have it). The Slurpee cups had a false bottom that you removed to find a cardboard coin that told you whether you were a winner or not. Amazing what silly stuff I will remember 32 years after the fact.



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