Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Top 10 Deaths in the Marvel 1980s (revised)

I wrote an early blog entry on the Top 10 Deaths of the Marvel 1980s, so I thought I'd revise the list based on those characters that actually stayed dead! Interestingly, I had to strike 7 of those original 10 off my list!
  1. Captain Mar-Vell (Died in The Death of Captain Marvel Graphic Novel)
  2. Jean DeWolffe (Died in Peter Parker the Spectacular Spider-Man #107)
  3. Stick (Died in Daredevil #189)
  4. Mariko Yashida (Died in Wolverine #57)
  5. Kraven (Died in Kraven's Last Hunt, 1987)
  6. Madelyne Prior (Died in X-Factor #38; clones of Madelyne have recently surfaced, but the original Madelyne has not)
  7. Kyle Richmond/Nighthawk of Earth-712 (Died in Squadron Supreme #12)
  8. Sam Sawyer (Died Captain America #274)
  9. Deathstalker (Died in Daredevil #158)
  10. Skurge the Executioner (Died in Thor #362)
Okay, I had to stretch the timeline a bit to get to 10. :)


  1. So why did Jean DeWolfe leapfrog Captain Marvel? On the old list, Captain Marvel was #2, and retains that spot here... only with a different #1. Pray tell: why is that?

  2. Ha! Good catch David. I think it was actually a cut-and-paste issue...

  3. Jason,
    As always I love the blog. I check you out everyday. If I am not mistaken; I believe they brought back Kraven. I have always wondered why Marvel never brought back Captain Marvel. He was such a great character.

  4. Hey James. Thanks for the comment. I believe they had his brother and then his daughter assume the mantle at different points, but never brought back Kraven himself...

  5. Kraven's history is a convoluted mess. Of course in comics which character is not. When you factor in his sons and daughter it can get pretty confusing. I believe Kraven's wife bought him back to life with a ritual involving Spider-Man's blood. I may be wrong though. It has been a while since I read those issues. I also probably buy a hundred back issues for every new one I pick up. I am not as up to date on the comic events of the last ten years. I will look into it and get back with you.

  6. Great post Jason.
    Mariko I think died in the nineties. And Nighthawk returned in the Defenders series in 2000, by Busiek and Larson. I'm not sure if this is the same K.Richmond that bit the dust in Squadron supreme, could never get that whole thing with 2 Nighthawks, I must google it. anyway great post as always.

  7. Fun list, and challenging with the new "no resurrection" rule. That takes quite a few classic ones out of the running.

    My favourites here are Kraven and the Executioner. I also would add Ned Leeds, mainly for the shock value and how it screwed up everyone's Hobgoblin theories.

    I would also add Heather Glenn from Daredevil #220, one of the best deaths of a supporting character in comics, mainly because it was so "small" as an event, which made it seem all the more real.

    Also would probably include "Stick and a whole whack of ninjas" from DD #189, some Scourge killings for good measure, and pretty much all the fatalities in Squadron Supreme #12.

    This is why I love the blog, it's a great excuse to reminisce about this stuff! Keep up the great work!


  8. Hey Sparky, thanks for the comment. Mariko did indeed die in the 90s, but I thought I could stretch that one to include it! And that Nightwing is from the Squadron Supreme Earth not Earth-616, which is the Kyle Richmond that was ressurected.

  9. Hey dp, thanks for the comment. You listed a lot of great deaths I missed. Completely forgot about Stick, Heather, and Ned...

  10. Thanks for this list, I thought Mar-Vell had been resurrected, glad to see that hasn't happened...yet.

  11. Kraven's definitely been revived, and I could have sworn that the real Cypher has been, also. I'm not well up on modern comics, though.

  12. Doug Ramsey has been in recent issues of NEW MUTANTS (2012).

    (Not a zombie, not a techno-organic hybrid. But beyond that, I don't know. While he exists as a "normal" mutant in the present, his "future self" just threatened to turn the team into techno-selves, and Doctor Strange helped stop it, which is the only reason I am aware of this turn of events.)

  13. Yes, unfortunately, Cypher has been ressurected... I've updated the list accordingly...

  14. Tim Hammond from Amazing Spider-Man 248. Appeared in just one issue, but it's a heart breaker, especially if you have children.



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