Wednesday, September 5, 2012

1986 - News - Byrne leaves Marvel!

From Comics Feature #43 (Apr. 1986):


  1. Hard to remember the years when there was no Internet. How long would it really since leaving Marvel John Byrne and media attention?

  2. I already knew this was happening, the local comic shop owner told me about Byrne's departure. But when I saw this headline back in '86, it made me a bit sad. I remember thinking "this must be how Beatles fans felt when they heard about the break-up!". Not exactly, but the FF(Marvel's "Fab Four"just to keep the Beatles references going here) certainly took a nosedive for a while.

  3. I wish Byrne would come back to Marvel again. I guess him and Quesada got into a fight, i thought i heard.

  4. Interesting that Stern and Ordway soon joined Byrne on the Superman family of comics at DC ...



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