Friday, September 7, 2012

1981 - Anatomy of a cover - Captain America #253

Loved this storyline as it freaked me out as a kid. I read this in grade school, but read it in a French black and white version by Editions Heritage. Just like the original cover below, the black and white added a bit more of a horror element to the story. For example, look at the texture of the wood grain on the coffin that is covered up by the colouring, even the cobwebs looks a bit more prominent with their white played off against the black of the coffin.


  1. Wow, that color destroyed a beautiful piece of work.

  2. Hey Bosch, agreed totally. Just added a few notes to the post outlining just that. Would love to see this piece recoloured.

  3. Saw this issue. Never picked it up though.



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