Thursday, September 13, 2012

My Top 10 New Spider-Man Villains from the 1980s

  1. The Hobgoblin (Amazing Spider-Man #238)

    I've always loved the Hobgoblin as I felt he was my Green Goblin of the 1980s. His storyline that ran through Amazing Spider-Man was great as it kept everyone guessing as to his secret identity.
  2. The Symbiote/Venom (Secret Wars #8)

    The Symbiote was a nice twist on the new costume gimmick. Eddie Brock was also a great new character, but early in the 90s, Venom's popularity led to some over-exposure which had me disliking the character more and more.
  3. The Puma (Amazing Spider-Man #256)

    Really liked the calm and collected Thomas Fireheart and the complications that this millionaire added to Spidey and Peter's life. The Puma was a great character and went beyond the native american stereotypes.
  4. The Sin-Eater (Spectacular Spider-Man #107

    The Sin-Eater storyline stunned me and the shocking death of Jean DeWolffe was a complete surprise. This four issue story arc made me aware of Peter David for the first time. He did an amazing job fleshing out the Sin-Eater and really getting into his head.
  5. The Rose (Amazing Spider-Man #253)

    The Rose was a solid addition to the New York mob landscape of the Marvel Universe and his connection to the Kingpin made him that much more powerful and that much more of a threat.
  6. Tombstone (Web of Spider-Man #36)
  7. The Foreigner (Web of Spider-Man #15)
  8. Hydro-Man (Amazing Spider-Man #212)

    Hydro-Man was a simple take-off on Sandman, obviously substituting the sand for water. He doesn't really live up to his potential for another few years at which point he joins the Sinister Syndicate.
  9. The White Rabbit (Marvel Team-Up #131)
  10. The Spot (Spectacular Spider-Man #99)
  11. Slyde (Amazing Spider-Man #272)

    Okay, okay, I know it's 11... :)


  1. Like a lot of people, I would guess, I read your title and tried to think of who's going to be on your list before scrolling down and reading it. I got the one-two Hobgoblin/Venom spots easy enough but realized it's pretty slim pickings for the rest of the list. I thought of Spot and Slyde and am glad Spot got on the list (he's got a goofy charm) but seeing Slyde on there (and most of the rest), the street cred really drops off after no. 2 doesn't it?
    Although I would've picked the Rose if I had remembered him, he's pretty good, and I had thought Hydro Man was from the 70s, he's good too.

    Were there any other 80s introductions? I can just think of the Answer, the Arranger, Robotic Silvermane and the Black Fox...the Sinister Syndicate was a cool introduction to the book.

    In any event, it's an era of comic books that's fun to reflect on. Keep up the great work!


  2. Thanks for the comment dp. I'd have to agree that after the first few slots, it's indeed slim pickings...

  3. Ha! Completely missed Tombstone. Loved that storyline in Spectacular Spider-Man...

  4. No vermin!!! Introduced kraven's Last Hunt..i think.. Black Fox?

  5. Yeah missed him. He was introduced first in Cap #272, but I never really saw him as a villain, more of a pawn...

  6. Great list! Hobby is my favorite too!

  7. Nice work coming up with 10 Jason. The original Hobgoblin story by Stern was fantastic. Enjoyed Spider-Man in the 80's but when it came to original villians it was a little flat.

    Hobgoblin and Venom where two great ones though. Problem with Spider-Man is that no era can match the first 20 or so issues for the introduction of so many classic villians.



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