Thursday, August 16, 2012

Marvel Premiere Edition line cancelled with #106

From the Marvel Masterworks message board:

Okay, after three months of solicits with no Premiere Classic HCs in them, I should probably end the suspense and make this official: Marvel has ended the Premiere Classic hardcover line. 
They'll still be collecting modern series in Premiere-sized HCs, and the Omnibus, OHC and Masterworks programs are not in danger. But the Premiere Classic line is being put to bed with volume #106.
Sorry, guys. I know quite a few of you loved them.
Definitely disappointing news. I loved this line as it showcased a lot of great 1980s runs in wonderful hardcover collections.

Here's just a small sample of some of the 1980s classics this line has reprinted:


  1. Shame to see this line cancelled. Would have loved to have seen a reprint of the Nightcrawler mini series. Surely it should have been done before Iceman.

  2. Great point, I'd love to have seen the Nightcrawler limited series reprinted.

  3. That's too bad, but I figure we'll still get some good 80s tpbs, like the recent-ish Defenders tpb.

  4. One of their inspired choices was Rocket Raccoon. Great team of Mantlo and Mignola. Mignola before he developed his more familiar modern style, very cartoony and reminds me a lot of Michael Golden. Was a very nice book and happy to have it in my collection.

    Hopefully we'll see more 80's collected works like the recent Yellowjacket and Hulk - Pardoned/Regression trades.

    A nice HC of the Barry Windsor Smith Machine Man series would be nice, but not sure what format it would be in. Oversided Hardcover would be ideal.

  5. It is really a Shame, this Marvel Premiere HC were awesome,with high qualiy paper, and maerial. Some Books today arent even properly glued. The last one I bought was the Elektra Assasin. How much are there left before the line is cancelled?

  6. A pair of Bruce Jones Hulks, two Spider-Man books, Sinister Six and Stern era Amazing. Avengers Bride of Ultron and maybe a couple of others.

    Bride of Ultron looks very good.



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