Monday, August 27, 2012

1983 - Spider-Woman #50

From the Marvel Comics: The Untold Story Facebook page, Mike Carlin states:
"... maybe photographer Eliot R Brown can correct me where I'm wrong-- or where my memory is off: The Scarecrow was Mark Gruenwald. I was in front of him as The Needle (the guy with the needle). Werewolf By Night was colorist Bob Sharen. The guy hanging off the fire-escape is Spongebob animator Vincent Waller. The Moth Lady was Mark G's wife Belinda. Tigra was Annie Nocenti her own bad self. Brian Postman is the Hangman-- though ya can barely see him. Not sure who played The Shroud-- Ralph Macchio? White haired guy in white is letterer Jack Morelli. And Green Hoody guy MIGHT be Ren & Stimpy animator Bob Camp. For the life of me I can't remember Spider-Woman's name-- but she was a secretary from the business-side of Marvel-- and she looked awesome in the suit! In fact she's the only character painter Bob Larkin didn't have to "enhance" with costume-lines and such! Lotsa fun here!"


  1. Well, first I didn't know about that Facebook page!!! And second, I also like the pose that Spiderwoman struck for the corner box!! And last, as much as I do enjoy the XMen movies and muted Avengers movie costumes, part of me still wants a full on bright color, true to the comic movie experience.....sigh.

  2. Wow! Thanks for the link to the FB page!

  3. Spider-Woman's name was Lynn Luckman



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