Sunday, August 12, 2012

Comic book legend Joe Kubert (1926-2012)

Dreamer. Artist. Creator. Inspiration. Teacher. Legend. Only a handful of appropriate words that describe Joe Kubert. Sadly, Joe Kubert passed away yesterday at the age of 85.

A prolific artist, Kubert started in comic books in the early 1940s and continued to draw up until earlier this year. He was best known for the co-creation of World War II hero, Sgt. Rock. He would go on to draw other heroes, such as Enemy Ace, The Viking Prince, Hawkman, and Tarzan, putting his unique mark on all of them. Not only did he influence many great artists through his artwork, he founded the Kubert school in the late 1970s that has and continues to produce fine talent.

Joe Kubert’s legacy will live on through his sons Andy and Adam, those inspired by or taught by him, and his many, many fans. Rest in peace Mr. Kubert.

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  1. I never met the man, but I feel sad for the comic industry, his school gave thousands opportunities that the average person would not normally have.

    Nothing will fill this void!



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