Thursday, August 9, 2012

1986 - Daredevil: Born Again promo poster

Grabbed from eBay. I've never seen this poster. Very cool. Looks like the Born Again storyline was called Apocalypse....


  1. Nice promo poster, perhaps as you point out the saga was meant to be called apocalypse. Then Again , the ad might just refer to the first episode of that storyline.

  2. Hey Patricio, thanks for reminding me that the title was the title used in the first issue of the storyline.

  3. I've never seen that either!! Cool!! Looking forward to my copy of the DD Born again Artist edition... 2 more sleeps!!

  4. Wow, thanks for the find, I just got the Artist's Edition of DD: Born Again and this would have fit Right in with the contents of that book.

  5. I need to find more art by this artist, he is phenomenal.

  6. Hey Marcelo, enjoy!

    Hey Bosch, you're more than welcome! Thanks for stopping by.

    Hey Morganza, yes, Mazzhucchelli's work is well worth chasing down.



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