Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Loston Wallace's Ever lovin' blue-eyed Thing!

Artist Loston Wallace came across my post and loves my blog! Here's another image on the go that he's happy to share with us...

"First, I roughed out the pose I had in mind onto copy paper, and tightened it up with a Pitt Brushpen:

Then I enlarged the prelim in photoshop, and printed it out at 11x71, transferring and redrawing much of the figure onto 11x17 bristol board. I inked this version of Ben traditionally with a brush and SuperBlack India Ink.  Here's "phase one" of the overall commission:

Here's  a look at the construction of "phase two" of the commission.  I drew many floating heads to be added to the final art. The heads were drawn on a separate piece of 8x11 copy paper, and many of them were drawn at sizes no larger than a nickel, so the detail on each head varies. The heads were drawn a little rough and loose, but I think you'll be able to identify everyone in the image when you see the link. I  scanned each of the heads into Photoshop, and I enlarged and reduced them as necessary, placing them over a scan of the finished Thing drawing using PS Layers.  I printed out the composite rough  image a 11x17 size, in order to use them as a guide when redrawing them onto the final board. The finished floating heads will all be rendered in graphite, which will allow the inked figure of the Thing to have the most contrast. This will keep our focus on our hero.  Here's how things are shaping up:"

I'll keep you posted on the final product! And in the meantime, you can find more of his work at http://lostonwallace.deviantart.com/.

And here's a coloured version by Steve Downer:


  1. Nice rendition of Mr. Grimm ... you can see the artistry in the hands, in particular

  2. Great job on the Thing! Ok I am going to feature him on my blog one day...imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Nuff Said!



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