Wednesday, January 4, 2012

1984 - New Mutants Annual #1

From Bob McLeod's Facebook page‎:

1984 New Mutants Annual #1 page 34. Inking by Tom Palmer. Written by Chris Claremont, pencils and lettering by Bob McLeod

"I got behind on the deadline and had to ask Tom Palmer to ink five pages out of 40. It would have taken me an extra 5 days at the most to ink them myself, and this was an annual. Why weren't annuals given more time to be done? Palmer did his usual excellent job, but I should have been allowed time to ink the entire issue myself."


  1. That's really interesting, because you're used to seeing McLeod enhance others with his inks (or his own art) rather than the other way around. Palmer's style is so distinctive, but at least didn't take away from Palmer's own.

    Back then, it seems the same tight deadlines for monthly books fell to annuals too. Probably explains why later annuals had worse art and throwaway stories instead of being "special," high quality books worthy of their annual standing.

  2. Some good news from Marvel, coming in June:



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