Sunday, September 8, 2013

Happy Birthday Archie Goodwin!

Archie Goodwin (1937-1998)

“He was just remarkable,” Shooter continues about the late Goodwin, who many still consider the best editor in comics. “He was brilliant, and everybody loved him, anybody that worked for him. We have a Frazetta cover on the first issue of Epic Illustrated. Ellie Frazetta would not take my call, but she would take Archie’s.

“Everybody loved Archie, and for good reason: he helped so many people, he taught so many people. I think that early on he was more firebrand-like, like me, and he got burned out. By that time, though, he’d gotten all those great people like Walt Simonson to respect and love him. They all wanted to work for him. Archie was great.”

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