Thursday, September 26, 2013

1980 - Battlestar Galactica #19 script page

Shared from the Walt Simonson Appreciation Facebook page:

" Battlestar Galactica 19, pg. 1. c. spring, 1980. Script sheet. 
Came across this in an old box of comics files. This is the first page of script I ever wrote for comics professionally for a regular title. My first gig as a writer of a monthly book turned out to be four of the last five issues of BG.
Don't know who wrote 'Joe Rosen' but it might have been Weezie as she was the editor of the book. Could have been her assistant at the time, but I'm not sure who that was then.
This one image postdates the Gallery's range slightly, but as my earliest bit of regular writing in comics, Old Stuff still seemed like the best place to put it."

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