Monday, March 18, 2013

Stunning Marvel Commission by John Byrne


  1. This is amazing! Where'd you find it?

  2. Hey David, it was up on Bendis' Tumblr page.

  3. Not sure if you heard of the Tumblr page John Bryne Draws. Lots of great commision work posted but if I would tell you to go instead to his official Byrne Robotics page instead.

    Not sure how much this would have commision cost someone but you can see that this person has a deep love for Byrne and his work. I do find it strange though that the person who runs the Byrne tumblr site also has a twitter and intentionally seeks out Byrne quotes to make him seem like he's an out of touch wack job. People such as Erik Larson make it a habit of critizing him. My feeling about this is unless you are able to produce at the caliber of Byrne at his height or even today you should have nothing to say.



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