Friday, March 15, 2013

1981 - Just How Strong Is ... Spider-Man?

From Amazing Spider-Man Annual #15, art by Bob Layton.


  1. I never liked how Iron Man was ranked over the Thing! But IM's strength boost never made a huge amount of sense...seems like his body would be crushed when he performed some of those superfeats.

    I always feel like too many characters in the Thor/Hulk range just makes them less special.

    But this chart was a lot of fun to have, especially before there were any official handbooks.

  2. I had this issue. This was when comics were fun.

  3. Based on the time period this was produced it is fairly accurate. Cage, She Hulk and Colossus are much more powerful now, especially Cage. I would have considered The Surfer a super heavy weight. The line with Cap should have been the lightweights as none of them have super strength. I would kept Cap as a medium weight as I always thought the super soldier formula gave him some super strength.



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