Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Alpha Flight action figures - John Byrne


  1. Were these produced? news to me! I wish I had at least a Puck doll!

  2. Hey Matt, yes they were produced in late 1999 by ToyBiz.

  3. I'm a pretty big action-figure guy (just Star Wars and Superheroes, but discovering that I can get Marvel Legends and Dc Universe classics on Ebay has cost me a lot of $).

    I picked these up for dirt cheap (loose) a few years ago, they're really nice, but the Puck figure is super tiny and out of proportion (even by Puck's standards).

    I feel Alpha Flight is not in"vogue" enough nowadays to get the Marvel Legends treatment, but they did make a killer, massive Sasquatch, and a nice (but small) Guardian figure.

    I think Puck might be getting a 3 3/4" marvel Universe figure soon, maybe. But I want the whole team in 6" size, especially Shaman---love that original costume!

    I think I saw that Alpha Flight will be appearing in Hickman's AVENGERS comic sometime in 2013....maybe they'll become popular again (probably not).


  4. Hey Starfoxxx, thanks for the comment and letting us know about the actual figures!

  5. Eaglemoss have a great set of the team in their Marvel figurine collection, although really annoyingly it's not complete (Marrina's missing)...Byrne's probably got the full set though, he collects the models and gets commissions done for himself.


  6. I picked these up from a local Big Lots in the early 2000's. The Sasquatch figure was packaged with a Heather Hudson Vindicator, but she was not included on the packaging graphics. John Byrne has commented something to the effect that he was paid more for the art he provided for these packages than he was ever paid to produce an issue of a comic... I wish I could remember the exact quote.



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