Friday, February 15, 2013

UK Only - Spider-Man & His Amazing Friends Complete Collection on DVD

It looks like the complete series for Spider-Man & His Amazing Friends has been released in the UK on DVD (Region 2; not playable on North American DVD players).

Here are some details:

"All three seasons of the animated TV series in which Spider-Man forms an alliance with Iceman and Firestar. Known collectively as 'The Spider Friends', the super-trio set out to fight crime in New York City. Along the way they do battle with Spidey's arch-enemies, while also meeting other heroes and villains from the Marvel comics world.

"Episodes comprise:

  • 'The Triumph of the Green Goblin'
  • 'The Crime of All Centuries'
  • 'The Fantastic Mr Frump'
  •  'Sunfire'
  •  'Swarm'
  •  '7 Little Superheroes'
  •  'Video Man' 
  • 'The Prison Plot'
  •  'Spidey Goes to Hollywood'
  •  'The Vengeance of Loki'
  •  'Knights and Demons'
  •  'Pawns of the Kingpin'
  •  'The Quest for the Red Skull'
  •  'The Origin of the Iceman'
  •  'Along Came Spidey'
  •  'A Firestar Is Born'
  •  'Spider-Man: Unmasked'
  •  'The Transylvanian Connection'
  •  'The Education of a Superhero'
  •  'Attack of the Arachnoid'
  •  'Origin of the Spider-Friends'
  •  'Spidey Meets the Girl from Tomorrow'
  •  'The X-Men Adventure'
  • 'Mission: Save The Guardstar'."

According to wikipedia, this release "did not include any of the Stan Lee narrations from the first or second season, only some of the Stan Lee narrations were in the third season."

And lastly, according to, "The previous rights problems with the show [being put out in North America on DVD] were between Disney and Marvel.  Since Disney has now purchased Marvel one would assume that Disney can release the show whenever they feel like it. "

There's also a petition asking Disney to get their act together, so if you loved this show in the 1980s, sign it here:


  1. The full series is already available on Netflix instant play, if anyone's interested in watching it.

  2. That's my cover art on there, inked by Joe Rubinstein :)

  3. Hey Simon, very nice job. Any links to a better view of your art?

    1. Thank you Jason! You can check out my work at, and my blog at Thanks again for the kind words! :)

  4. I saw this and got excited, thinking we were finally getting a US release. Yes, I've watched some episodes on Netflix, but shows also disappear from Netflix sometimes. That's why I'd rather own the dvd.

  5. This looks like just a new cover job on the previous 2008 release. The episodes have been cleaned up and remastered - there's a brief before & after feature on the discs as well.

  6. Thanks for the clarification guys. Sorry J.A., I got all excited too! Here's hoping it's re-released soon.

  7. I have this and most of the other Marvel releases.... here is the UK link ....they don't ship to the U.S. but you can buy them from EBAY UK or AMAZON UK and they ship to U.S. and they are region 2 but you can buy a region free DVD player real cheap and they will play on any computer..:)

  8. You can probably buy it at Amazon UK and play it on a non-regionalized DVD player. I so that with some other stuff I have.

  9. The x-men episode that replaces Jean Grey with Firestar in the original x-men lineup had a HUGE effect on my interest in Marvel superheroes. Wolverine uses his claws as kabob skewers, and Thunderbird turns into a grizzly bear! It blew my mind, I was probably 7 or 8 when I first saw it. That cartoon was frickin' awesome, and I still enjoy watching the re-runs, the voices and music, and even StanLee's voiceovers were classic.




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