Saturday, February 2, 2013

1984 - Bob Larkin's Hulk


  1. I've got it too! It's pretty...incredible :)

    Also, I gotta say this Jason, I've just finished reading your entire blog from the very begining and I love it. You made me realize how good Marvel actually was in the 80's and how much it is lacking today. NOW, it is flooded with Avangers/X-men titles, useless events and constant restarts. Remember the times when there was one title per character and the so called 'shared universe' really meant something?

    Or maybe those are just nostalgia goggles I'm looking through...


  2. Hey MarvelFan, thanks for the kind words about my blog. Glad you like it! There's definitely something about the Marvel 1980s that was magic.

  3. This is it? Thanks so much! I hope to take it to a printing company to reproduce it.

  4. Hey Hobgoblin238, not sure if that's the one you were looking for, but it matched your description!

  5. I remember having a postcard with this picture. A very powerful illustration.



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