Wednesday, February 27, 2013

1986 - 1-on-1 Adventure Gamebooks

These 1-on-1 Gamebooks were released in sets of two boxed books. The idea was to have two players reading each book at the same time and would encounter each other and battle it out. Only 10 of the 11 books were published and there were only 2 Marvel Super Heroes books of the 10.
Marvel Super Heroes Adventure Gamebooks, based on the popular Marvel Super Heroes roleplaying game, allows you to play as your favorite hero and battle some of the vilest villains in the Marvel Universe. One-on-One allows you play as either the hero or the villain. Includes two gaming books. Softcover (2 vollumes with Slipcase), 5-in. x 7 1/2-in., 320 pages (2 Volumes), B&W. Cover price $5.95.
For more details, check out:  Demian's game book web page

Daredevil/Kingpin - The King Takes a Dare (1987)

Fantastic Four/Doctor Doom - The Doomsday Device (1986)

Doctor Strange/The High Priest - Prisoner of Pharaoh's Tomb (unpublished)


  1. I can not tell you HOW MANY YEARS I searched out info on the DOCTOR STRANGE / High-Priest-of-Set books.

    Originally, it was not revealed to be unpublished.
    It had an ISBN number and was in the publishers list of books.

    I even contacted the author - and it twas he who told me that he didn't think it ever saw the light of day.

    YEARS!!!!! I looked!

    Oh, what could have been.



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