Tuesday, December 4, 2012

1991 - Power Pack TV Pilot

Here's part 1:
Part 2:

 Part 3:


  1. So, on the one hand, the sarcastic side of me wants to say, "Wow. I can't imagine THAT didn't get picked up." But there's another part of me that knows that, if I'd been 7 or 8 and watched this, I probably would've liked it. It reminded me a little of Eerie, Indiana, and I LOVED that show. But the plot holes... seriously?!? There's an evil looking dude wanting his medallion back, and you're just gonna GIVE it to him? What if he needs a human host to get back into the world? Bye-bye kiddos. But still, thanks for sharing, Jason!

  2. Thanks David. You're more than welcome!



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