Monday, December 3, 2012

1978 - Anatomy of a Cover - Uncanny X-Men #116

And not quite sure what to say about this...

And here's the published cover:

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  1. The BYRNE era was amazing!
    THIS was the first issue of X-MEN that I ever got (a freebie given away by a comic shoppe that was drumming up business).

    I would go back and get every "NEW" X-Men issue (except for Giant Size X-Men # 1 - which back then went for a whopping and unheard-of $60.00) and got every issue that came thereafter!

    Even though I had read the occasional comic here and there, it was THIS issue that got me to actively collect comics (even before I EVER heard of Doctor Strange) as well as want to write and draw my own.



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