Sunday, December 9, 2012

1986 - Pin Back Button Badges

Grabbed from eBay. Approximately 3x2" in size.


  1. Hey - those are pretty cool! My favorite is the Daredevil / Captain America one.

    Do you know if the images came straight out of some comic book... or were they drawn specifically for these buttons? I'm looking at the Thor and Wolverine ones, and thinking: wow?!

  2. Hey Rusty, from the looks of them, they did come from the panels of a comic book. Although that Fantastic Four one was definitely re-lettered.

  3. Wolverine's is from the cover of X-MEN # 112, but they added the lower part of his body and changed the costume from his original yellow/blue to the then-in-use brown & tan.

    I've got a bunch of these rectangular pin-back buttons (although, oddly none shown here), but the only one I plan to keep is a DOCTOR STRANGE featuring the Marshall Rogers art from the cover of issue # 49.

  4. Never saw these, but they could have used a bit more imagination and found better, more iconic images.

    Such a great button format. Would have LOVED wearing one or two if better pics.



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