Monday, October 22, 2012

1989 - Lost Magma story

The synopsis for New Mutants #81 from Marvel Age #79, read:
“What if the prince of your dreams turned out to be a nightmare? For Amara, that’s exactly what she faces – for the prince she’s being forced to marry is a vampire! Will the New Mutants be able to rescue her from an undead fate worse than death? Written by Louise Simonson, pencilled by Bret Blevins, and inked by Al Williamson.”

The following month in Marvel Age #80, the synopsis for New Mutants #82 read:
“Is Amara falling in love with the vampire she’s being forced to marry? Her change of heart makes matters worse for everyone! In fact, the New Mutants may not survive the latest challenge to the wedding! Written by Louise Simonson and pencilled by Rob Liefeld.”

That storyline never happened as New Mutants #81 was a fill-in and #82 continued Louise Simonson's telling of the New Mutants' return to Asagard. So there must have been some kind of delay with Rob Liefeld who didn't start on the New Mutants until #86 in 1990.

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