Monday, October 22, 2012

1984 - Marvel Heroes as Teenage Mutant Turtles!

"This is a drawing from 1984, probably done around the time the first issue came out. Kevin and I used to goof around doing wacky stuff like this, just for fun. At the time, we were big fans of the Marvel Comics characters whose costumes these six Turtles have appropriated. I believe Kevin penciled this and I inked it, but I can't remember if just one of us toned it -- it's possible that we both toned it, like we used to do with the comics. It makes me think that it would have been a lot of fun to do a story for that old Marvel "What If...?" comic using this idea: "What if... every person in the Marvel Universe was a mutant turtle?" 
-- Peter Laird

1 comment:

  1. I've never been a Wolverine fan (well... aside from a brief turn back in the Byrne era), but that WolverTurtle looks friggin' awesome!



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