Friday, October 5, 2012

1986 - Early Archangel design by Walt Simonson

From Walt Simonson's Facebook albums:

"Very early Archangel design drawing. Maybe the earliest."

"It's the original color sketch done to show the colorist what I had in mind for the character's costume and look. The drawing was done with felt tip and magic marker on typewriter paper. I modified the red slashing in Archangel's final design somewhat, but stayed with the color itself in the final scheme."

"A more finished Archangel design. Pretty much done I think. The yellow color is really an artifact of Photoshop. The original, again on typewriter paper, is just pencil on white paper. But age and Photoshop combined to make it look a bit like a Leonardo da Vinci drawing. (I wish!) Ah, that Leonardo. Really ahead of his time!"


  1. Has it been that long? Wow, what a story-arc that was back in the day. Walt and Weezie certainly brought the original X-Men back to relevance for a few years, something Claremont was beginning to lose by the late '80s.

    Nice post.

  2. Hey EJK, thanks for the comment. It's crazy that this was 26 years ago. The Simonsons' run was indeed a lot of fun and reinvigorated that side of the franchise for a few years at least.



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