Monday, April 2, 2012

Toronto ComiCON 2012 mp3s

You can download the mp3s of my panels from the Toronto Comicon 2012  here: Thanks to Jamie Coville

Mark Bagley Spotlight (49:28, 45.3mb)
Mark Bagley goes through his career in some depth in this panel moderated by Writer Jason Shayer. He talks about winning the Marvel Try-Out contest and meeting Jim Shooter, to working on New Warriors, Spider-Man, Thunderbolts, Ultimate Spider-Man, a bit about his time at DC and coming back to Ultimate Spider-Man. Along the way he is very open in talking about who helped his career and who tried to hurt it.

George Perez Spotlight (1:01:18, 56.1mb)
Writer Jason Shayer talks to George Perez about his career in comics running through the more popular runs including Teen Titans, Crisis, Wonder Woman, Avengers and JLA/Avengers. George does talk about the first JLA/Avengers crossover from the 80s that didn't go through. Perez also talked about his love of drawing and how he thinks that's kept him popular over the years. He also did not shy away from talking about his problems with editorial and writing committees and the havoc they have created in the new DCU.

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