Thursday, April 5, 2012

1984 - Phoenix: The Untold Story - The Dark Phoenix Tapes

These pages were taken from the backup feature in the Phoenix: The Untold Story one-shot from 1984.


  1. Where did you find this? Was it published as an actual comic or is it from a blog/website?

  2. Hey Ameron, it was the back up feature in the Phoenix Untold Story one-shot from 1984.

  3. I need to track down that comic. Thanks for sharing these text pages.

  4. You're more than welcome. Thanks for reading!

  5. If I'm not mistaken these were originally from the X-MEN COMPANION 2-volume book set.

    They were GREAT resources of that era's X-MEN with articles and interviews from many great creators of the time.

    BUT the PHOENIX issue is probably an easier (and cheaper) find.

  6. OK... I just gave this a re-read.
    No. this is a different thing.
    BUT it has much the same info as the X-MEN COMPANION set.

    The difference here is that this is a session with everyone in one room discussing it, and the COMPANIONS have interviews with everyone separately - going into more detail.

    The three items (Phoenix Untold Story & the 2 Companion books) would be perfect as a complete PHOENIX / X-MEN info set.

  7. i always found that interview extremely interesting, because claremont and byrne seem to be very friendly with shooter, when word on the street is they both hated him (especially byrne).

  8. Hey ~P~, thanks for the information.

    And it is a great interview, very casual without any kind of undertones...

  9. I have this. It's brilliant. Dark Phoenix saga. Best comic storyline every. I think Jean Grey/Phoenix was my first childhood crush.



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