Friday, April 20, 2012

1985 - Anatomy of a cover - Longshot #4

This is the first of a few Longshot posts. I'm a huge fan of Adams' 1980s art and loved this series. Not to mention that it was written by Ann Nocenti whose writing has always manage to connect with me. I know she's now writing DC's Green Arrow, but I haven't had a chance to read it yet. Has anyone else picked it up?

Looking at this cover, I can't help but see the lack of backgrounds, but for some reason it never bothered me. The dynamic of the action seems to almost imply that there's too much going on here to bother with backgrounds!



  1. Yep, yet anther series I got for the art But the story I definietly remember being great, I loved Nocenti's work on Daredevil too.
    I got to meet Art Adams at Comic Con 2010 (enjoy the Boston Con by the way) and was disappointed by his nonchalant "pfft, you want a drawing? I'm busy talking to the person next to me behind desk, bug off" type of attitude (I guess he was having a bad day)...Anyway a great series to feature

  2. A french cover :

    (Absolutly fan of the shiny nylon shorts,pure 80's-ness)

  3. Amazing detail on original art seeing that posted over left arm of Longshot! Also the colors seem to mute alot of details of the original art. Thanks for posting all the lovely b&w brilliance!

  4. You're welcome! Thanks for reading!

  5. She-Hulk is looking very Jane Fonda!



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