Sunday, December 18, 2011

Marvel Comics Subscription Ads


  1. That Christmas-themed ad brings back memories. And the prices! Six bucks for a whole year... unfortunately, subscribing to your favorite comic book instead of buying it off the rack also brought one significant setback...the dreaded Subscription Crease

  2. I remember photocopying the Alpha Flight ad (who is crazy enough to cut out a page from a comic!) and subscribing to Defenders and Hulk. Those titles weren't my favorites, but because I wasn't sure what shape the comics would ship in, I wasn't brave enough to subscribe to a fave like X-Men or FF. Once I saw how much later I received the subscription titles in the mail - as compared to buying comics in a LCS - I didn't subscribe to any after this. And, yes, most were delivered with the subscription crease!

  3. I remember all of these! I"m trying to pinpoint the artist on the Hulk one. I'm pretty sure that's the great John Severin.



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