Wednesday, December 14, 2011

1983 - Anatomy of a cover - The Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe #2

Ed Hannigan's pencils and final cover to The Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe #2 (B-C).


  1. Hi there,
    Can't place a few characters on that cover:
    Of the three guys above Black Bolt, I recognise the original Blizzard in the centre, the other two, I don't know.
    The hairy guy above the Blob.
    The guy in the cape below Cap's crotch (!!), and the tribal-looking guy with the Pepe le Pew haircut below him.
    Also, I am assuming, based on the information on the cover, that the multiple identical characters in Soviet-styled costumes are the Collective Man (a name hinting at his powers and also a pun on a Soviet collective farm)?

  2. Above Black Bolt, the electric guy is Blitzkrieg from Contest of champions. The other guy is the Blue Shield.
    Hairy guy is Blastaar, FF foe.
    Cape guy= the Black Knight.
    Pepe le Pew is Brother Voodoo.
    Yes, Collective man was from Contest of Champions, too.


  3. Man I loved this series when I was a kid, and the one that followed it with the John Byrne covers. I didn't care for the 90s one with the binder and the standard poses for everyone...ugleeee! Makes me feel old to think that Cannonball was a new character when this came out. The Black Widow in silver-grey...always thought that was an odd choice.

  4. Collective Man was from China. Pretty obscure for 20-plus years, he showed up in X-men books in the 2000s.


  5. I had each version of these when they were released, kept them thru 3 moves until a fire toasted 8 longboxes. Sighh. Lost a huge run of X-Men, Iron Man, lots of DC, my whole run of ROM, and Shang-Chi..I had Shogun Warriors and Godzilla too (anyone remember those?)



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