Monday, December 12, 2011

1983 - Roger Stern's rundown of the first couple of years of the West Coast Avengers

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Love the details in the Future Plans section on the second page. I always wondered by Tigra and Wonder Man never really hooked up. If I recall correctly, they split up and then Tigra turned to Hank Pym. And the Thing's short tenure on the group was a bit disappointing. It would have been a great opportunity to showcase him outside the FF, something like what was done in Marvel-Two-In-One.


  1. Thanks for the interesting background stuff on WCA. Wow, I don't remember them starting so early in the 80's. I remember them as a mid to late 80's thing, and I had forgotten that Stern/Grunwald were the masterminds behind it. It's really nice to see Sterns notes being the master of character development that he is. His Avengers run with Buscema/Palmer and his Doc Strange run are some of the best runs of those titles, ever. And noone developed characters so well and invisibly as he did.

  2. Man, that was really interesting. I love seeing "behind the scenes" stuff of comics; scripts, notes, and what not. The future plans is what I find most interesting. Looking back on it with hindsight its curious to note some of the stuff that didn't happen. Makes me wonder what caused some of these plans from being played out...

  3. It's interesting to see no mention of Shroud when he helped the team during the Limited Series. He was the posible 6th member of the WCA as the WCA/East Avengers poster by Hall showed. Also no mention of Bill Foster that helped in establishing the new headquarters (perhaps he was going to have the "Jarvis' role" that finally got Hank Pym). I supose all this was changed with the arrival of Steve Englehart.



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