Sunday, November 6, 2011

Alpha Flight Classics Volume #2

Here's a sample of the recently released, long awaited, and recoloured Alpha Flight Classics Volume #2. I just wish they would have reprinted this content in a hardcover format...


  1. Looks like it will take one more volume to complete Byrne's run (ended with No.28).

    I agree, this should be a hardcover. One would hope that after Vol. III we'll get them as an Omibus of some sort.

    Question - Do you think there is any hope of seeing future press runs for the out-of-print Omnibuses, such as Frank Miller's Daredevil?

  2. Hey Esteban, I haven't see anything about reprinting those out of print ombibuses. I know that a large amount of TPBs have recently gone out of print. Hopefully, they'll be planning on re-issuing them soon.



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