Wednesday, November 16, 2011

1981 - Bubble Funnies

The Bubble Funnies series was released in 1981 by Amurol Products and Marvel Comics. Each full color issue was 2 5/8-inches by 3 1/2-inches in size and ran 10 pages. These issues originally came shrink-wrapped with a stick of pink bubble gum.

There were four issues in the Bubble Funnies series:
  1. The Amazing Spider-Man - "The Clutches of Doc Ock!"
  2. The Incredible Hulk - It's brawn vs. brain when The Incredible Hulk becomes "Trapped in the Lair of The Leader!"
  3. Captain America - Captain America's origin is told retold in "The Red Skull Strikes from Space!".
  4. Spider-Woman - All new Spider-Woman story "To Defy Doctor Doom!".
 I found the full issues here: A tip of the hat to the Wonderful Wonder Blog!


  1. Those are cool. They remind me of the little bubble gum records that came out it the late 70's early 80's...

  2. Thanks, I still have Spider-Man "issue" of Bubble Funnies somewhere. I can't say exactly why, but there's something indecent about the back cover.

  3. Jason, you are the man, thanks for the flashbacks.


  4. You're more than welcome. I recall picking up a few of these as well...



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