Monday, September 12, 2011

1990 - Cable's origins...

A very interesting piece on Cable's origins from Lying in the Gutters back in 2006. And technically, Cable's first appearance was in 1986 in Uncanny X-Men #201 (as an infant of course!).

"…an imposing human in his mid-fifties whose rugged and grim demeanor hides a terrible secret: a body that is half cybernetic. The left half of his body, which is cybernetic, is normally covered with syntheflesh; a small scar above his right eye.... In battle often wears a suit of blue battle armor and carries a variety of weapons included a repeating blaster that his enhanced strength allows him to easily wield." That would be the Star Wars description of Valance The Hunter, a character created by Archie Goodwin and Walt Simonson, designed by Simonson who first appeared in Marvel's Star Wars #16 in 1978.

  • Walt Simonson's recollection differs [from Liefeld's version of Cable's origins]. "The design for Cable [was] originally one of several designs Rob did for a villain (designs done for Stryfe IIRC). Bob Harras liked the design as did Weezie and asked if they couldn't make a good guy out of him. Weezie was already working on creating a new leader for the New Mutants (something Bob was also interested in) and the military background/attitude was always intended to be a part of the character. Weezie was tired of the Prof. X attitude of whiny leadership that was always agonizing over sending the New Mutants into harm's way and thought that an interesting story direction would be to create a leader who knew the score, understood the dangers, and would in fact view the New Mutants essentially as soldiers, being sent into battle."
  • Cable on Alpha Flight?
Rob Liefeld: "Well, before I was committed to New Mutants, I was looking for a vehicle that I could have more plot input on and it turns out that they were looking for a new team on 'Alpha Flight.' I was a huge fan and sent in a two year proposal that pre-dates my start on 'New Mutants' by about seven months. Cable was introduced as a soldier from Wolverine's past, who would have worked with the existing Alpha Flight roster. Danny Fingeroth was eager to get me on the series, but when it wasn't going to be re-launched I opted for 'New Mutants' and was able to do a dramatic housecleaning with editorial's blessing.


  1. who is the alpha flight quote from?

  2. I'd never thought I'd see the day.... I wake up and think to my self "Time to get my 1980's marvel on" Fire up the old Puter to the information highway and I am greeted by Cable the poster boy of the 90's...and Liefeld..... What's going on here? it is Canadian april Fools Day?

  3. Hey Daniel, couldn't help it. I'd never seen that interview with Liefeld and couldn't help but share it!



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