Wednesday, September 14, 2011

1989 - McFarlane's cover for Amazing Heroes #170

Which apparently sold for just over $26,000 at Heritage Auctions....


  1. AAAHHHh Late 80's McFarlane where are you now?
    Some good looking stuff none the less. That looks to be a rare Human torch drawing as I can't remember McFarlane do much of him.

  2. 26 Large? Wow! I'm not big on McFarlane but this piece is OK. Feel like he really reaped the success that should have gone to artists a little more talented...

  3. I agree with Esteban, I'm not keen on McFarlane either, but this is okay, the characters all seem like themselves while still having his personal twist. He did draw a decent Spidey, to be fair, though the huge eyes on the costume aren't to my own taste: they work on the covers of Amazing Spider-Man 300 and 301, though.



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