Friday, September 16, 2011

1982 - Dazzler #21

A behind the scenes look at the making of the photo cover for Dazzler #21 (snagged from


  1. I used to love those photo covers Marvel did in the 80s - there were a few of them - I know there's a cover with Spider-Man - what else? New project, Mr. Shayer - "The photo covers of the 80s"

  2. Dazzler was an experience in many fields, The Sienkiewickz covers, and this photo, I don t remember this particular issue, but being a Photo cover , I wolud so i didnt pick this particular issue. I remeber the Spidey Photo, which I didnt like. PD: This Dazzler cover is great, I love the original Dazzler series, I know it wasnt always stellar, but it was original, today it could have gotten a moderate success. Disco Dazzler forever. Thanks for thie entry Jason.

  3. Hey Patricio,you're more than welcome!

  4. I loved the original incarnation of Dazzler and these photo covers. There's also the photo cover to Spider-Woman #50 with several people in costume. Really neat to see.



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