Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Let's play the unpublished cover game! (Round 5)

Guess the title and number of the original issues for which these following unpublished covers were meant for.


  1. i'm guessing that #2 is for an early issue of x-men classics. possibly issue 5 or 6? and the #1 is x-factor annual 1?

  2. I wonder when I see such rejected covers about the reason they were rejected to begin with? All of those covers look pretty cool to me.

  3. X-Factor Annual #1 on the first one.

    Classic X-Men #2 on the second.

    No idea on the rest.

  4. Um...OK, here goes nothing ... X-Factor Annual #1, Classic X-Men #3, West Coast Avengers #48, Incredible Hulk #338, X-Factor #24. If I got any of those exactly right I will be surprised

  5. X-Factor Annual #1 - Correct
    Classic X-Men #3 - correct
    West Coast Avengers #48 - nope
    Incredible Hulk #338 - nope
    X-Factor #24 - nope

  6. Doh! I should've known it would be X-Men Classic #3. Instead we got the 25th anniversary cover with a big picture of Storm!

    West Coast Avengers #56? And, ummmm....X-Factor #16?

    I have no idea on the Hulk.

  7. So close on West Coast Avengers, it was actually #55. Correct on X-Factor #16. The Hulk cover is a tough one as there's no real hints on the cover...

  8. X factor 16!! Its the only X factor comic I kept because of Mazzucchelli! WOW thats an awesome cover... must have been just before he did "Born again" best DD story ever, in my humble opinion....

  9. love the covers. I'd say Hulk is 344 or 345
    that's right 2 Guesses! I hope that doesn't disqualify me for a no Prize! I always wanted one of those.

  10. Hey Daniel, you're so close on the Hulk, that I'll give it to you... Incredible Hulk #346.

    So the full list is:

    X-Factor Annual #1
    Classic X-Men #3
    West Coast Avengers #55
    Incredible Hulk #346
    X-Factor #16

  11. I was going to say 346 originally, but seeing as how 345 was McFarlanes last issue and 346 was done by Eric Larsen I opted for an issue earlier...

  12. Mazzucchelli did an X-Factor cover? Yowza. How did I miss that?

  13. X-Factor Annual #1
    Classic X-men #2 (or possibly #3)
    Avengers West Coast #60
    The Incredible Hulk #345
    X-Factor #8

  14. Mazzucchelli actually penciled that issue, but it wasn't inked by him, so it looked a bit different. I have trouble believing that the Art Adams cover was for Classic X-men 3 because the style on that cover is more like the cartoony style he developed later in his career. When he did those early Classic X-Men covers he was still using his hyper detailed style. Could it be for a reprint book of Classic X-Men or something similar?

  15. Hey Anonymous, yeah, X-Factor #16 was inked by Rubinstein.

    And after a good search, you are correct about that Classic X-Men cover. Good eye at spotting that. Sorry to mislead folks, it wasn't my intention. Looks like it was created in 2000 for a Thunderbird special that never happened and then included in the Modern Masters Art Adams issue.

    Thanks for clearing that up!

  16. Re: X-Factor 16 Cover by Mazz

    I'm confused, do unpublished covers actually get colored or is this one an exception?

    The link shows a higher quality scan of what appears to be an actual printed version of the unpublished cover. Any idea why this exists and if there might be other copies out there?

  17. Hey Henry, if I recall correctly this unpublished cover was coloured as a backup feature to one of the annuals.

  18. Thanks Jason, I'm a huge Mazzucchelli fan, gonna dig through some back issues bins and see if I can pin this one down. If only he'd stayed with the superhero genre a little longer...



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