Wednesday, July 27, 2011

From - "The Secret Origin and Gooey Death of the Marvel/DC Crossovers – Part Four "

My head is still muddled from the time change and getting back to work, but noticed that my blog was referenced on Jim Shooter's blog. How cool is that!
"Here is an overview of events. I got the dates from this site:

where they do a fair job of relating what was public knowledge till now."
Head on over to where you can get the rest of the story as they say.


  1. It's a fascinating look behind the scenes at a critical juncture of Marvel history.

    Unfortunately, in the next installment Shooter then details several snippets of your post and dissects the aspects of your account. Pointing out that some were wrong.

    Not sure if he meant to, or if it was just that he was feeling the old ire rising from remembering the incident, but he seemed to saw "WRONG" a bit harshly.

    Or maybe I just read it that way...

    Still, he does state that you got most of it correct.

    Good job.

  2. Thanks P! I tried not to take his comments to heart. I had no agenda. It was fun trying to unravel all the details 30 years later. I'm also happy to be corrected on anything I got wrong.

  3. Hey. It's not like YOU really got anything truly wrong.
    You could only put together the facts as they were reported.

    You did a GREAT job.



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