Thursday, July 14, 2011

1984 - X-Men Button set

This 9 button X-Men set featured the art of Paul Smith. The buttons were full-colour and about 2 inches in diameter, so they were quite small.

Another button was released in 1986 featuring John Romita Jr.'s art.


  1. Those are great ... I love Paul Smith's X-Men. It's a shame it was so short-lived...

  2. I had bought the entire set of Paul Smith X-Men buttons when they were released.

    They were beautiful. (Alas, I sold 'em on eBay back in 1999. Not surprisingly, they fetched a very sweet sale price.)

    These were produced in tandem with Mile High Comics as some sort of marketing deal.

    They were slightly larger than 2 inches in diameter.
    Looking at my old eBay description (yeah, I keep pics and write ups for all the stuff... I know... obsessive/compulsive much? lol) they were 2.25 inches. Although, they definitely seemed bigger (all that white space).

    These certainly were sweet pieces.
    That Paul Smith era was a close 2nd in my favorite X-Men artists (just behind the John Byrne era - which is when I started buying the comic).

    Thanks for the memories.

  3. Oh, I also see you don't have the Wolverine and Cyclops pins in the larger solo pics.

    If you'd like I can send the pics to you (although, I'm sure they must exist on the web).
    Either way, if I may be of assistance, I am at your service.

  4. Hey P, if you have the Wolverine and Cyclops, I'd appreciate it! Thanks in advance!

  5. Just saw your reply. Will send by the time you return from the con.

  6. I just noticed something about the X-MEN pins...

    In the pics I sent you of my own set, the "PHOENIX LIVES" and WOLVERINE pins don't have the "# in a series" info.

    I knew that those two were released first (as I bought them earlier than the rest, back when they were first released), but always thought that they then begun a "series" (adding the "# 3 in a series" tag with Nightcrawler) after seeing how those two pins sold.

    However, the pics that you have up already show that those two first two DO have the "# in a series" tag!

    It seems that those two must have been RE-released as a part of the then-new "series".

    I guess the buttons sold like hotcakes and Mile High Comics and Marvel jumped onto that making it an official "series" (also seeing that they had "Series A", assuming they would make more).

    So, I had "first edition" pins and didn't know it. Nifty.
    (Now I'm even sadder to have sold them off.)

  7. Any idea what a complete set of these would be worth nowadays? I have the "phoenix lives" 1983 first edition without the series A and then numbers 2 through 9 from 1984 with the Series A on them.. any clue on a value guess for the set?



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