Friday, April 15, 2011

A tribute to Bill Sienkiewicz

Posting those Dazzler covers had me searching for more of Sienkiewicz's incredible art. Enjoy.

This Wolverine pin-up was a part of a backup gallery in Wolverine's first ongoing series in 1989.

I'm sure some of you will recognize the heroes from the Dungeons and Dragons' TV cartoon.

Marvel Comics' adaptation of the movie Dune.
A commission featuring Sienkiewicz's take on the New Mutants.

A nice tribute to the Fantastic Four. I believe it was for the cover of one of the Official Index issues.
A commission feature the New Mutants' Magik.

Loki from the cover of an issue of What If?


  1. I've seen most of these, but I've never seen the D&D one. WOW, and i loved that cartoon, cheesy as it was. Thanks for the flashback.


  2. Some great artwork there. I especially like the one of Magik. That character in particular seems to have lent herself especially well to Sienkiewicz's style.

  3. Sienkiewicz did an amazing job in drawing the New Mutants in general, as I felt he had helped them physically mature into young adults.



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